Welcome to Leroc UK

Sherif is a self taught dance instructor of many years experience, whose pupils have gone onto win National Championships. He himself has won several National Dance Championships. LeRoc UK social dances and Annual Glamour Ball are attended by up to 200 dancers from Birmingham, London and Cardiff as well as local dancers. LeRoc UK organise the National renowned LeRoc UK Championships attended by over 500 dances and spectators from Scotland, Wales and England.

Sherif is a nationally renowned teacher of different styles of modern jive, teaching throughout the United Kingdom. The LeRoc UK Team enjoy a reputation for quality teaching, professionalism and dance excellence, their move repertoire, dynamism and energetic cabaret performances have drawn recognition from audiences across the UK. Their infectious enthusiastic and friendly personalities make them popular crowd favourites.

We are skilled in various areas of modern jive this includes:

  • Teaching at all levels from beginners through intermediate to advance
  • Conducting Master Class (1 hour) & Workshops (3-4hrs)
  • focusing on dance areas such as styling
  • musical interpretation - fancy footwork
  • Choreography – catering for corporate clients, office parties and weddings etc
  • sensual close moves - dips and drops
  • aerials - more combinations
  • couple chemistry - performance skills
  • Teaching to primary school kids and to Adult classes