LeRoc Corporate Services

LeRoc is our form of Modern Jive partner dancing which is a stylish blend of Salsa, Jive and Latin moves. Despite people thinking dance is hard, LeRoc is actually very easy to learn. It’s a great social dance that can be done to any type of music, from 40’s Swing through to the Top 40 hits!

With the success of TV programs such as Strictly Come Dancing, now is the time to bring dance to your workplace. It’s an energized way to promote teamwork, social skills, confidence and work-life balance.

Here at LeRoc UK we understand that each company’s needs are different and that team dynamics are diverse. As such, we work closely with you to develop a program that addresses your particular team issues. We run short and long term courses, during the day or after work. Conferences are our specialty. We follow the guidelines of Corporate Social Responsibility and are eager to tailor our objectives to meet the needs of your CSR program. We can bring all the equipment to you and run the class within your office block. Hassle free and all-inclusive.


- Feel more enthusiastic?
- Be more productive?
- Be healthier & more positive?
- Work brilliantly together as one?

At LeRoc UK, we GUARANTEE to create a team building course that your staff will never forget. They’ll be begging you for more!


-Team Bonding

There is constant rotation of partners, so everyone will interact regardless of department or status. By pushing through their boundaries, your team will grow as one via the challenges of learning, the energy of great music and the combined stress release of movement, laughter and a truly fun time.

-Increased Self Confidence & Positive Attitude

Realizing they CAN dance (when most people think they can’t) can be very empowering. Your staff will feel more positive and they’ll enthusiastically take on a "Can Do" attitude! Increased Fitness & Productivity

High energy output less stress increased fitness fewer sick days! LeRoc is a low impact, high aerobic workout that engages both upper and lower body muscles.

-Enhanced Creativity

Our teachers encourage self expression and creativity in our dance movements. While there are set steps in LeRoc’s Modern Jive, there is freedom to think outside the box and do things a little differently. Again, a great trait for your staff to bring to their jobs!

-Greater Work-Life Balance

Work hours are longer than ever and corporate expectations are high. By bringing a fun, highly energized social activity to your workplace, you will substantially improve the attitudes, health, enjoyment and loyalty of your team. They’ll be much more likely to support the company in its endeavours knowing you are supporting them in reducing their stress and improving their life.

-We can also provide

One-off party entertainment show which can include any or all of the following:

- Short LeRoc Modern Jive partner dance class
- Professional dance show
- Audience participation dancing
- DJ sound & lighting

LeRoc UK can tailor a show to your needs.

Here’s what some previous clients thought about learning to dance LeRoc:

"Learning LeRoc ha changed my life! I feel enthusiastic, energized, fit and raring to go. Anything is possible! the team have given me a gift".

"LeRoc itself is both enjoyable and a challenge - a truly versatile dance style that looks and feels great after just a few lessons but has so much you can build on in the long term if you choose to. I can't praise the team enough for creating a positive and fun learning atmosphere in every single one of their venues".

Our professional dance teachers can teach your employees some stylish beginner Modern Jive moves, whilst providing a fun and social atmosphere. They allow your employees to feel how good, strong leadership will result in a successful performance. That if we loose connection between our partners an unbalanced and disjointed outcome will result. Whatever your requirements we have a variety of dance related activities and entertainment to suit.

Call us on 0794 484 8845 and speak to our Business Development Manager, on how we can help tailor the perfect Team Bonding Course/Workshop for you and your employees


LeRoc UK offer a variety of Corporate Services including Team Building and Entertainment Packages.

Want some exciting Entertainment at your next Function?

Want to get your Party crowd involved?

Then the LeRoc Dance Entertainers are what you need...

From single to multiple couples entertaining at;

18th, 21st, 40th and other birthday parties, private parties to Corporate Events and Functions, the LeRoc UK can tailor their show to your needs.

Whether you want a short introductory LeRoc class, some audience participation dancing, a professional dance show, DJ sound & lighting or all of the above, our LeRoc Dancers will get your party going and have your participants enjoying their night of fun!

Call us on 0794 484 8845 to discuss your requirements and we’ll help you put together a night your guests will never forget