(Mix of Jive & Salsa) Dance Lessons in Bristol

Whether it's beginners dance lessons or advanced dance lessons we have a dance lessons programme that will suit your needs perfectly.

Liquid hips, sexy swagger, and easy eroticism: if any dance can give Tango & Salsa a run for its money when it comes to its excitement and fun, then it's LeRoc. Just a few bars of Alexander Burke and Kylie is just a dream away, hence the success of shows such as “So You Think You can Dance” and “Got to Dance”.

You can choose from four Personalised Dance Programmes:

- Beginners Dance Lessons – Social (No partner required)
- Intermediate/ Advanced Dance Lessons – (No partner required)

Your Dance Lessons Programme

Your dance lessons are made up of private dance lessons, and technical lessons in small or large groups.

Private Dance Lessons – Learning the steps!

Private dance lessons give you that personal service, taking away any pressures or stresses that are often found in social open dance classes. Dance tuition is tailored to you as an individual or couple allowing you to learn dancing at your own pace.

Technical Group Lessons – Developing the style!

Our technical classes are great fun and an invaluable part of learning to dance. We can feel and see the improvement in our style each week. And dancing together as a group is exhilarating.

To assist you in mastering the fundamentals. These feature a 'topic of the week' for you to focus closely on. It could be anything from poise to footwork.

Beginner Dance Lessons Programme

Just going along and having a one off lesson will never see you mastering the basics of moving on a dance floor. The beginner dance lessons programme has been designed to give you a start and an end goal and for you to decide for yourself if you then want to take that next step to really feeling confident on any dance floor.

Your private dance lessons can be used at any time, to suit your timetable.

Intermediate & Advanced Dance Lessons Programme

If you already know how to dance, had dance lessons at other London dance schools and London dance classes, but want to take your dance lessons to the next level. Our dance programme can take you as far as you want to go.

A specialist group of dance teachers chosen by LeRocUK; teach all the intermediate and advanced students.

Start now with an introductory private dance lesson at our Bristol Studio?

The introductory 25 minute (heavily discounted) private dance lesson gives you the opportunity to see the Bristol studio and talk to one of our teachers about everything we have to offer you. We believe in the value you will gain from our studio so much, we offer this first lesson at a 50% discount!

To make a booking at our Bristol Dance Studio email dance@lerocuk.com
or call 0794 484 8845

See corporate services for programmes available to hen parties, office parties & other events dance events.

See Wedding lessons for programmes available to wedding dance enthusiasts
To book your complimentary 25 min private dance lesson call us today on 0794 484 8845 or email us